drinking from my saucer

so I’m currently editing a video in final cut, learning as I go along. I just got the idea for what I wanted to call my new piece. I remember this song from when I used to have a stepmom and her family was pretty religious. It’s kind of perfect.

This piece is currently a patchwork of a lot of different interests and things that have caught my attention in the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to shorten the process of turning ideas into actual material to work with. I got the idea to film the overflowing cup of coffee when I was walking through the cafeteria the other day. It suddenly seemed like the perfect metaphor for my life at the moment and it is also interesting because of the other elements it overlaps onto.

Overflowing is failure, inundation, orgasm, death, the breaking point. It can be a good thing or a bad thing or maybe both. There’s something really freeing about the idea of death or failure. You dread it happening but when it finally does happen, you no longer have anything to dread.

Death also hovers around sex.

Sex is creative and physically pleasurable. It represents union and completion. Sex fills any number of voids (pun intended) but then there is the pleasure of desire and the unfilled, wanting void. These voids also make me think of passing through into another dimension. So that’s why my video is shown through the frame of a portal. It implies passage through a space and voyeurism.

Vore is a fetish in which the individual devours, is devoured by, or watches another person devour another human being. Eating is union just like sex. Being eaten is entering another as well as passing through a void into death. All of these elements overlap in the sense that they all involve traveling through voids and flirting with failure or death. If you can transcend the fear of this failure, or transcend the fear of passage through void, you are free to experience the unknown on the other side.

I’m just rambling on about what this piece makes me think about at this point. I never planned for these elements to really belong together but they did that by themselves. Video is a great medium because it unites things on a flat screen that serves as an equalizing playing field.

I can see how Jack Smith’s work influenced me. I realized that my video is riffing off of his use of color and film to assemble fantasy worlds out of garbage and fragments of anything. I have always been interested in bright colors and intuitive ways of making so I was drawn to his work.

I think it’s really interesting how far this piece is from the first piece I did this semester. I am a lot more engaged with this way of thinking and making. I think this piece is doing a far better job of offering up several questions as opposed to forcing a viewer to confront a specific idea or answer a specific question.

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