Response to the written critiques from Tuesday’s class:

reading these mysterious written responses is like opening up valentines from my classmates in elementary school.

“I like the cheeto legs”

Some people liked the written description. Others felt that it was redundant/heavy handed. I don’t think anyone understood the description beyond it being about feminism or gender. No one really thought about the questions that I asked.

I agree that the description is a bit heavy handed but I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to give a description.

People want documentation that gives more information. I don’t think people understood that I was interested in foreshortening in the head-on shot of the piece.

A few people were unhappy with the lighting and bothered by the outlet and window in the background.

“all I ree is vagina + pubic hair. I don’t feel like taking the 2 do this just.”

I’m not sure if the written responses were very helpful.