Project Sketches


For my first piece of the semester I currently envision a sort of pinball machine shaped platform. At the front of the platform I want to create two large, grotesque legs that support the platform on one side. At the other side of the platform I see two stilt-like projections holding it up, or maybe just one, I’m not sure yet. The form references the human body in some ways without being completely humanoid. The legs communicate discomfort and distortion. The platform also serves as a compartment or open box that houses a diorama or small arrangement of items that would communicate objectification or vulnerability along with the contorted legs. The front of the platform is lower than the back so that the platform slopes downwards, like a pinball machine. The idea is coming from my experience of street harassment and daily encounters with objectifying strangers. What is important to me is that discomfort, display, and spectacle are communicated to the viewer. The reference to street harassment can come in a more subtle manner or perhaps not at all. I think it will come through somewhat depending on what I decide to put inside of the box but I’m not sure at this point.

The legs symbolize for me something sexy yet powerful and attention grabbing. I want to use materials to emphasize the rawness and grotesqueness so that I can grab the viewers attention and perhaps even make them uncomfortable. I find human legs very sexy and so part of this desire to create them is my own interest in the form and the dissecting that occurs in the process of objectification.

It is also important to me to consider how this object is a display mechanism for whatever happens to exist in the platform compartment. I am thinking about museum displays and communicating information. The platform will be at the same height relationship to the viewer as a pinball machine or maybe higher so that the viewer is suddenly crotch to crotch with the object, which might make the viewer feel like a predator. I am thinking about ways in which this object can start conversations about discomfort and objectification.

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