4 Presentation Images plus Notes

A common response to my work is that it is “crafty”. This stems from the fact that my material choices involve lots of fabric and other textile elements. The response is usually voiced as a criticism, that the work in question is too “crafty” to qualify as fine art.

I am not interested in maintaining this imposed material/process hierarchy. I use these materials because they make sense and fit well within my creative process. I embrace the baggage of my chosen materials with the intention of understanding and questioning that imposed hierarchy.

People are really drawn to my objects when I provide them with some kind of pathos. I have used this draw as a way to provide an entry point and inspire emotion in my viewers. I am interested in continuing my investigation of inspiring particular emotions or responses in viewers through different forms and material choices. I find that my use of soft textures or familiar patterns makes viewers comfortable and responsive.

I also enjoy combining my own sensibility with bizarre cultural elements like cartoons and characters to produce strange results. Object making is a place where my imagined realities can manifest themselves in physical form. The response I get from viewers when I create objects and spaces this way is always interesting and positive. Introducing nonsensical or odd combinations of elements produces new ideas and reactions.

Color, for me, is a source of playfulness and magnetism. My choice of colors is intuitive.  I employ the colors that appeal to me and make sense with the material elements that are present in my work.

I enjoy working with other artists to figure out if the ideas they are trying to convey are coming across in the work. It’s also fun just to dialogue about the work and see where the conversation leads us. I find that a group reaches a lot of interesting conclusions about the art in question when they take the time to delve beyond the superficial aspects of the object in question.

Some artists and writers I have become interested in lately are Inga Muscio, Howard Zinn, Allyson Mitchell, LJ Roberts, Jim Drain, and Lee Bontecou.

I see sculpture as one of many potential methods of articulation. Creating objects appeals to me because it has a different set of rules than more traditional forms of articulation like academic research or writing theory. I want to start using sculpture as a method to articulate my own personal theories and reactions to the theories I encounter and absorb.

I am interested in deconstruction, power dynamics, historiography, feminism, chess, reading, sex positivity, body positivity, gender, knitting, sewing, quilting, embroidery, veganism, and activism. I want to bring into my creative work an increased level of development and meditation with my materials, as well as finding ways in which to fuse my academic interests with my creative practice.

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